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I was contacted by Huffington Post (on super short notice, wow) to partake in a talk today about Paganism, Sex and Sexuality. While the talk is all day, my segment will be at 2:50 PM EST and for those who worry of missing it, it will be recorded and I’ll have a link for that as soon as possible (probably tomorrow).

Watch it here.

Alright, I have some quick news! I will be part of PACO – the Pagan Activism Conference Online – for the “Activism Among Pagans of Color” panel. I’ll be speaking alongside Shades of Faith and Shades of Ritual author Crystal Blanton, hoodoo conjurer Khi Armand and blogger Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir on November 22, 12-1:30 PM (PST). Now, as you could gather from the title, it will all be online so you can listen in. However, entry is paid:

$40 for the whole online conference
$10 per individual panel

If you still are having difficulty paying, it’s fine. Contact the Pantheon Foundation here and they’ll work with you. If you can pay, go for it – it supports the panelists! Woo!

See you there!

I remember a reader telling me that they couldn’t get stream of my regular posts ported to FB (meaning that even this post will go unseen unless I pay Facebook to promote it major – which I won’t because that’s ridiculous). It’s difficult because this is an issue with Facebook wanting money so only the ones who pay the most get seen the most in your timelines and feeds. I find that immensely unfair because given someone has clicked the “Like” button, they already are expressing that “Yes, I want to see more of this, I want to follow this person and what they do.” Not cool.

I learned from a different fan page that you, the fan, have to actively click the “Get Notifications” selection when you click the drop-down for the “Liked/Like” button.

keep up with BW on FB

Make sure to do this to keep up on new Black Witch happenings. Especially since October is coming up so that means there’s the Samhain Pickers Giveaway and the Samhain/Halloween Ustream. I’ll try to keep reminding people throughout the month of October.

And yes, you can message me through Facebook and since Ask Black Witch is on Friday, now would be a good time to do so.

Tonight, I’ll be on Pagan Musings podcast in promotion of the new Shades of Ritual book. Come and join me or simply listen in. It starts at 7 PM CST (8PM EST)

And remember, 9 slots are still open for the Summer Divination Special. It ends on Aug 1st (this Friday).

Due to my internet being down, this means no new post tommorrow. Sorry everyone.

It is the fourth anniversary post of Black Witch. Yep, we’re going into the fifth year of BW. This means I have been around for quite a minute. Nearly half a decade. I’m just as surprised as you are. Don’t forget  Black Witch 4th anniversary Ustream vcast TONIGHT  at 10:00 PM EST!

I really never know what to say for these anniversary posts. I kinda wanna copy what Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man does but I don’t have Bruce Lee as the patron saint of my blog. I would elect Janelle Monae for that buuuuuuuut it just wouldn’t feel the same.

Fo’ years, ‘doe.

I am really surprised that this blog has gone this far. It’s nice but wow, I’m astonished I can come up with regular content weekly for four solid years (and the occasional filler posts for the times I can’t). Yeah, my timing could be a little better with posting, I’ve been plenty tardy this year but you try running a blog all by yourself and creating original materially regularly on a weekly basis. It’s no walk in the park. Bah humbug.

I think this is the year I parted ways officially with Afro-Punk and BW has been flying solo. This year had a lot going on, non-BW wise as well. I managed to lose my backstage pass after a Janelle Monae concert (I still mourn that), I took Lupe Fiasco to a museum for it’s Black superhero exhibit (tho I feel bad for making him walk steps because I didn’t know his knees were giving him problems), my big bow on my Putumayo dress got trampled and nearly thrown away at a Deep Cotton concert – and the fans thought I was stalking my friend Kellindo despite spending the whole day with him (fan mentality is weird). I have a drastic increase in smorkin labbits, including two Deadpools (a big one and blind box one). I just got a Pop Toy of Assassin’s Creed Aveline de Grandpere and she’s adorable.

For this upcoming year, I’m going to try to improve my real world footprint byyyyyyyy… speaking gigs! See that “Contact for Speaking Engagements” page above? You can fill that out if you want me to speak at your place/event/whatever. For now, I’m opening this up for the Mid-Atlantic region since I’m just starting out. Hit me up and let’s get something going!

Also I am revamping the donation center, look at the right of this site. In addition to the regular one-time donation (which can also be reoccurring payments), I’m using Patreon also for reoccurring payments! What’s Patreon? Here’s the difference:

Regular Donations: They’re a one-time donation. You can make them as many times as you like in whatever amount. They also can be reoccurring in whatever amount you would like and easy to cancel.

Patreon: It’s reoccurring donations which is a monthly, automatic donation where you can contribute anything between $1/post to $10/post. (For mathematical reference, I post roughly 4-5 posts a month). You can also stop payments any time you want.

This helps keep Black Witch up and running (as well as ad-free and multimedia capable), the cat fed annnnnnnnnd the writer of Black Witch fed. That would be me.

Firstly, congrats to Samhain Pickers winners:

  • Kara M.
  • Sharon M.

Now, the Black Witch Samhain Ustream chat will be tonight at 6:30 PM EST (Not 9:00 PM EST, the time changed) You can interact with me via Ustream or through twitter (tweet @thisblackwitch) during the chat!

Click here to go to the Ustream page!

Or you could watch below on this embedded viewer (best to interact via Twitter if you do)

Live streaming video by Ustream

Today is the day! Ustream chat at 6 PM, be there! Interact through Ustream itself or by tweeting me on twitter @thisblackwitch. Ask questions, chat, whatever.

Alright, Black Witch is three years old, starting on its fourth year. This is niiiiiice. Very spiffy. I’m very happy. It can be occasionally tough running BW because it’s just one person doing everything and of course, life can get in the way.

Coverage on BW has be mildly quiet but I think that’s kinda a good thing. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this but the most notable instance I remember for this year was when VH1 contacted me for their “documentary” series and I quickly turned that down because I don’t like the themes that VH1 portray annnnnnnnnnd link Black Witch with VH1? No way, they’ve never created a positive anything that had anything to do with intellect and especially regarding people of alternative faiths. And did I mention the series was based on “weird love”? Oh, I should. Apparently dating a Pagan (the person spelled it “Pagen”, can’t even spell my religion right but want to do business, sure) is weird so being that I could hear the phoniness of the potential show ringing out from the lines of the email, I couldn’t reject fast enough. If it were PBS, I would give it some thought since although PBS suffers from Whitewash mania, they are comparatively (although not always objectively, refer back to Whitewash mania) better at promoting intellectual discourses. I rather pair Black Witch with media that is actually smart and useful. I don’t need shine from others that bad that I’m willing to pair up with people who clearly drop the ball on that. The only part that surprised me: It wasn’t BET. I thought they would be the first major channel/anything of crap caliber that would contact me, not VH1.

Plus life has been hectic so I couldn’t really do much any ol’ ways. I’m not really gonna get into much detail with that. However, it is nice to learn and grow and to have BW be such a source of diverse info for readers. From stuff about gender issues, Black issues to Pagan issues. This is really good but also because it seems there aren’t a whole lot of Black Pagan blogs out there.  It really does seem like there were more Black Pagan blogs when I originally started and now it’s dwindled down to less than what you can count on one hand. I find that mildly problematic. Representation matters.

I think this was the first year I’ve gotten any piece of serious hate mail. Like some random dude was upset from a recent Ask Black Witch where some dude was asking about getting a demon to control his dick (yep, that happened. Five bucks, if I were a dude, I would have never gotten that question) and thus decided to abandon all literacy skills and logic in haste to write me a letter I pretty much skimmed, lol’ed about to friends and then deleted. It was pretty long so I take it the dude was hammering away at the keyboard for a while but eh, I’m pretty sure there was nothing of value, intellect or worth in there. It was some butthurt rando writing to me, not Cornel West. Trolololo.

I think I really like the most about BW is the BW Tumblr. It is very interesting the culture of Tumblr and being exposed to new things, new ideas and most importantly, art that actually reflects me as a person and the discussions people have. It’s really nice! Tumblr isn’t perfect but it is nice to have and great to make friends and have creative discourse with and in between cat .gifs, cyber punk pics and lolita dresses.

My goals for BW in the future are still to get a book of some form out, I still get pissed at myself that the first go did not go as well as I planned. I don’t like failure. I’ll be having discussions with a couple publishers about this because I simply can’t do it myself.

I also may want to do more public, real world stuff. Speaking gigs, basically. I would like to do speaking gigs on race discourse, gender discourse, class discourse (preferably the intersections of them) and Pagan discourse. I don’t want to be a talking head, oh no, but I would like to talk to audiences, preferably small audiences for now, and mainly relegated for the Baltimore-DC area (yay, the limitations of lacking a car) unless someone can afford to ship me further, ha! I would like (but won’t limit myself to) small audiences because I don’t always really like that lecture setting, there’s too much of a visual power imbalance where I talk at people and not with people. I want to expand BW into the real world. If folks been thinking about inviting me to talk to folks, now would be the opportune time to get at me via email, in the comments, on Twitter, through Tumblr, whatever.

So this is how I feel about the third anniversary of Black Witch and I’ll see you in three hours on Ustream!

Black Witch is turning 3 on June 9th! To celebrate, I’ll be broadcasting an Ustream chat at 6 PM EST! Come by and we can chat! You can interact with me through Ustream or through twitter (@thisblackwitch). Let’s celebrate!

Firstly, I gotta say, I have been literally moved to tears multiple times when I saw how much you all were donating and buying my services (seems like natal charts are really popular!), I am incredibly touched to see how many people really cared about my well-being and keeping a roof over my head. To be honest, I thought I was going to get a lot of mean messages or just no response at all so I am very wowed at how you guys really helped out – and in a crappy economy, no less!

And y’all not the only ones! My therapist hipped me onto a one-time grant that also really helped a lot. So, here’s what has happened so far and the changes in development.

So, first I got my yellow letter of doom that was asking for $750. That was bad but so was the following thought: it was on top of June’s rent, which is $715, creating a total of a whopping $1,465. And I wasn’t the only one, my parent who lives in the same area as me (but not with me, I live by myself) got one, too. That’s not good. There were people who could help but they could only help really either me or my parent. So, I created the donation drive so that I could alleviate as much burden as I could so my parent could get the bulk of the help and honestly thought that was exactly what was gonna happen: I pay off the $750, get donations for the $715 as much as possible, my parent gets their help and hopefully things would look a little better for both me and my parent. And then my therapist told me about the grant, which then I thought that I’ll take the grant for the $715 (because the $750 should have been taken care of) and whatever money I raise will go straight to my parent to even further alleviate their rent load.

Then, an error occurred with my finances because, of course, why should things only be a little bad when they can get a whole lot worse? And on top of that, the finances will take about a month to iron out. So that gives me money for the $715 and nothing for the $750. Crap.

I was worried about telling everyone the change in plans of having to find $750 because that certainly isn’t a good look to go “Yeah, I want y’all to donate but instead for $715 like I originally said, it’s actually $750.” And then to have to probably do it again when I learned that the $750 magically turned into $777 – Oh, hai, since I brought that up, let’s go onto that part of the story, it’s a bona fide humdinger.

So I couldn’t pay when I thought I would so I contacted my landlord’s lawyer who then directed me to my landlord. I call up the landlord company, got the receptionist and mentioned that I’ll be paying on a different date (Friday) and they say, “Okay, that’ll be $777.”


I responded, “No, my sheet says ‘$750′. I’m paying before the 27th so there should be no fees or anything. That’s what the lawyer said.”

To which they respond, “Yeah, we didn’t have enough room on the sheet to include court costs so it isn’t on there but that’s what your total is, $777.”

So basically, if I or my parent (or anyone living in my complex and got a yellow sheet of doom) paid what was written on the sheet, they still would be considered paying short because of a fee that was never listed anywhere on the official sheet. The bottom line clearly said “$750″, not “$777″. A hidden fee that I didn’t know about and was never notified of, not even by the lawyer and only learned through the byways of just simply changing my pay date to another date that should not have affected my paying. I told my parent this, which sucks them even further of emergency funds that was supposed to be fettered out for other expenses. As you could guess, I’m not happy. Still am not because it is really deceitful and thus unfair.

So I kept the donating to $715 and decided to simply figure out a way to handle the additional bit. But now that what I had to raise money for was gonna end way sooner than what was originally planned, that’s why I had to end donating so soon. Again, I thank you guys for really stepping up and being there for me.

Here’s what you guys managed to raise: $441

The grant: $715

This together: $1,156

This is definitely the lion share of what my landlord wants me to fork up. I still have to hope for $336 going towards me but I hopefully I can get that handled and soon. And I’m working tightly with my parent to make sure they stay afloat.


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