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On Oct 29 will be a Black Witch convention called Dawtas of the Moon in Baltimore City, Maryland. I’ll be taking part in teaching a workshop called “Witchcraft and Research”.

Here are the details:

Where: Wisdom Books Reception Hall, Gwynn Oak area in Baltimore, MD
When: Oct 29, 2016
Tickets are purchased through Eventbrite
Adult: $75 (+$2.87 fee)
Young Woman (8-18 years, must have adult accompaniment): $15 (+$1.37 fee)
Young Children (7 and under): Free!

I’ll be doing a workshop there called “Witchcraft and Research”. It’s about how to best do research for your metaphysical practices, learn how to identify shoddy information and how to decipher the two.

I did a Facebook Live chat a little earlier this week and got some great question in regards to people visiting the Baltimore area. This is my hometown so thankfully I can answer this basic FAQ for those traveling from out of state. This also gives me a chance to correct info said on the FB Live chat.

Where is the Location? Is there parking?
5116 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore, MD 21217.

At first in the Live vid I said there was ample parking. However I forgot that this parking will be mainly in nearby lot at Family Dollar that is down the street. There is curbside parking however.

What is the best route to get to the Wisdom Book Center from BWI?
Via I-695 N
Via I-195 W

Public Transportation:
An all-day pass is $3.80. Baltimore’s public transport is crappy, especially the bus. Light rail is great, however but it has terrible stenches.

If you still plan to use public transportation:
Get on at the BWI light rail stop and get off at Cultural Center (a 40 min ride) and get an Uber, Lyft or Zipcar. (Easiest option)

The longer way is going to be almost two hours. I actually thought this place would be close to Mondawmin but not really. Given the crime in the area, I would highly recommend getting a taxi service such as Uber or Lyft instead of walking about.

Where to eat?
There will be food options at the venue but outside is going to be scarce. It’s pretty much a food desert in this area, unfortunately. This is doubly so if you have food restrictions such as Veganism/Vegetarianism. Bring snacks unless you want to survive on chicken boxes.

The better selection food in Baltimore is moreso downtown than anything. If you are Vegan or Vegetarian, I recommend looking through Happy Cow (this was suggested by my vegan friends) and seeing the vast selection available.

For eateries, I recommend these places:
Broadway Diner (on Eastern Ave, open 24 hours, decent priced foods)
Italianos (On Washington Blvd, open 20 hours, decent priced foods)
Jong Kak (Korean eatery/Korean BBQ, on Maryland Ave, closes around 10 PM, moderately priced food)

What is the weather like in Baltimore?
Baltimore is a little brisk at this time of year but we’re not cold. Bring a light jacket. We’ve had warm falls before so a light long sleeve is probably all you’ll need. Ballpark temperatures to be around 60s-early 70s degrees.

Will there be a Meet and Greet?
I don’t know if there will be a M&G for presenters and attendees but I possibly will have a M&G early in the day or on Friday.

HOWEVEEYAH! I will have to haul butt at the end of the day because I’m driving to Chicago to be there on Oct 30th. (For Chicago readers who can’t attend the con, just find me at the Lupe Fiasco show. I’ll probably be milling around Fiasco like I always do.)







The reason why there wasn’t a small blurb on the recent column is because a lot has happened in the past week in regards to my Johns Hopkins University situation (You can follow the whole thing through the “Attack of Blue Jays”  category/tag. Here is the first post). Man, Hopkins is really making sure I have a miserable life, all for nothing. Here are the major updates and then we’ll open this up for another – you guessed it – donation run…but now with various methods to donate!

Office of Intuitional Equity (OIE, Hopkins’ dept.) – Since I have been talking to EEOC and Internal Affairs, I noticed I haven’t heard a peep from OIE since late-mid January. January 20th, if I am correct. It’s April.  I contacted them and guess what? They had ended investigation (they didn’t want to really tell me when the concluding date was) and wanted me to wait for the letter. I pushed to hear something faster because, frankly, it is bs that I had to contact them to hear anything back while EEOC and IA are trying their best to keep me in the loop. So I gotten a digital copy of the letter that basically said…

Hopkins has been cleared of all discrimination, so sayeth their own internal investigation. The letter also neglected to mention about how I was accused of stealing (it seems Hopkins’ dropped all stealing accusations, must be that “lack of proof” issue they have), and there’s nary a peep about the raid. Nothing. Nada. Basically, the letter (that is currently sitting with the EEOC and my lawyer so I can’t publish it because legal/evidence stuff) just tried to present me as the worst librarian ever…again, with lack o’proof.

Instead of accusing me of being a thief, they try to say my racism accusations are baseless and that it’s really a case of sour grapes. Instead of saying my supervisor and head of libraries’ HR explicitly told me at the dismissal meeting that their fear of my disorder is what is got me fired, OIE is stating that actually accommodations were made…somehow without the OIE Accommodations paperwork, doctor’s note and telling me. Which isn’t how accommodations for disabilities work. Yes, OIE did have me fill out Accommodations paperwork – all dated on Dec. 15 or afterwards. December 15th is when I was fired, you can’t make this paperwork retroactive.

Once I got this emailed letter, I contacted EEOC.

EEOC – Just today (April 4th), I signed and had date stamped the amended charge for the EEOC. You see, after I got this letter and read the chicanery that it was, I contacted EEOC on Thursday (March 31st), sent them a copy of this letter and asked to have my initial charge amended to include the raid that happened Feb 3rd as “retaliation”. Initially, when the raid occurred, EEOC was hesitant at first because this didn’t fall into the usual definition of retaliation (basically, “Employee complains to EEOC/OIE/Etc, all of a sudden employee is demoted/fired/harassed or just overall has a drastically crappier job experience.” Not “employee gets fired illegally, complains about it, gets raided by cops”). I showed them the OIE letter, noted the stark lack o’ words “stealing” and “raid” and it pretty much told them that since my charge is already is going to mediation, might as well slap the raid in the charge as “retaliation” because, honestly, it really couldn’t be anything else.

Despite the OIE letter (and partially due to it), EEOC still has their own bevy of questions to ask Hopkins. And the OIE letter didn’t really help abate the EEOC. Just stoked more questions.

Internal Affairs – I’m still waiting for the transcription to return from the statement I made about the raid back in February.

Where I Am Now In All of This
Now, we got all that out the way. Where does this leave me? More broke than prior!

How so? Well, remember when I remarked during one of the donation posts that I found another job and should be okay? Yeaaaaaah, thanks to the raid, that pretty much got obliterated.

This is because the new job that I was talking about (which paid even more than my Hopkins’ job) started Feb 1. The raid was Feb. 3. I discovered my apartment was trashed at 6 AM on Feb 4th because I had spent the night at a friend’s house after going to see a movie and the roads were too foggy/misty to drive on. I literally had no clue what was going on at home, that my apartment was getting shredded, thanks to Hopkins. It was during Feb 4th that I would basically have to call out (instead of march into to work at 8:30 AM like nothing happened) and deal with everything that I’m currently dealing with now.

When you’re starting a new job, it is ideal to be focused, on time and diligent. Or you get the ax. Thanks to the startling trauma of discovering my apartment has been trashed, finding out a Baltimore City Police investigator is trying to pin me with felony charges for books I never took using fabricated claims of evidence, the fact that it is because of Johns Hopkins University that I have had my apartment raided and I’m being treated so poorly…yeaaaaaaah, there’s no way I could have kept a new job through that. Oh, and I couldn’t really explain what was going on to the new employers because I’m sure it sounded like I was ripping off a really bad movie plot in attempt to avoid work. Even with just saying “My home was burglarized” (which is what I initially thought), it didn’t add up that an investigator needed to talk to me…immediately. Or that I needed a lawyer. Or anything that kinda doesn’t sound right.

So, I got the send off shortly after. I’m sure Hopkins would love to use this as an example of “See? We told you she’s a bad worker that can’t keep a job” but here’s the thing: Hopkins is the primary reason why I lost this job. If they didn’t raid me, I would have been very likely to keep this new job. It doesn’t say anything about me as a worker because this is something that happened to me, not something I did to myself.

I mean, if Hopkins is so innocent and right, like the OIE letter pretty much claimed, why are they using such harassing tactics that practically makes it seems they’re out to get me? Even the EEOC feels that the raid is very excessive.

And it gets worse from here: At the end of this month (April), my 6 month apartment lease is up. I’ve scrounged for rent prior but here I am again asking for donations. And it turns out the car payment didn’t go through like I thought so I’m asking for help with rent and car, yet again. Especially to prevent the car from being taken because, that’s the only way I can maneuver around this city and state, for my mental health and for job acquisition. I’ve just gotten a letter today from the car people that basically states that I didn’t pay (funny they wait so long to tell me this) and that I have pretty much until the end of the week to fork over the funds before my car is gone.

Here are the numbers:

Rent: $1,284.00 (partial March rent and April rent)
Car payment: $324
Insurance: $235

Here are the ways to donate:

New YouCaring! So not to confuse anyone with the original YouCaring I had prior.

Also, people said they wanted to donate but didn’t want to do so via YouCaring and asked about Paypal. Here are your two ways to donate via Paypal:

Directly: Send donations to

Using the Paypal donation link: Click me! (this allows you to donate once or continually (like a subscription))

As per usual, I’ll be keeping everyone updated the best I can about what is going on. I just wish this situation wasn’t as bad as it is currently becoming.

Hopkins Investigation Update (as of Jan. 19, 2016): Still the investigator is interviewing people. I think this might be the last week. Remaining bit may take “the next few weeks”, as said from the investigator.

Ok everyone, since Friday, I finally let the cat out of the bag about my illegal termination from Johns Hopkins University. Also, I had opened up a donation run to help keep me afloat as the investigation is ongoing. This is what it looks like today, so far:

Click me to donate!

Click me to donate!


Pretty dismal, frankly. It is greatly appreciated that I have already gotten two donations from readers but there is much more to raise.

The whole situation is easily angering because since Hopkins gave me such an unceremonious boot for a little over a month now, here is what is late:

Rent: $861 (about become $1,722 if rent becomes two months late, which it will be in less than two weeks)
Car: $324
Car Insurance: $230

The $3000 goal is actually what a month and a half paycheck looks like and so I don’t have to keep begging for money, I can just pay ahead to stave myself over until I can find another gig, which is really hard.

The reason I have this to pay is because when I worked at Hopkins, I moved and got a car to further stabilize myself so I could do well at the job (I worked there as a Library Assistant II). Apparently, Hopkins didn’t care and decided that I needed to go…just not based on my work ethic or anything legit like that. I posted my dismissal letter on the last post called “‘This is Hopkins’ or ‘How I Illegally Lost My Job'”, where you can see exactly what I was dumped on the basis of. Like the suspicion (as in “non-proven”, “no proof”, “baseless accusation”) that I would steal my fellow employee lunches…despite the fact that my lunch has also been stolen and I’ve had food shipped from South Korea via NYC so I would have a sufficient lunch.

Anywhoodle, I’m still pretty steamed about the whole thing because, frankly, I’m not supposed to be doing any of this “please donate” stuff, I’m supposed to be getting a paycheck from a prestigious university for performing regular, mandatory work. It’s frankly, really frustrating and emotionally devastating that something like racial and disability discrimination literally swiped out from left field and snatched my job from me. It would have sucked if I were fired because I did something dumb but at least it would have been justified. I could walk from that and go “I did something stupid, I earned that. Time to go struggle.” Instead, I got fired because of bigotry via the creation of trumped up accusations and false information.  And I still have to struggle as if everything was all my fault.

Maybe Hopkins will do the right thing, maybe they won’t. What matters now is that I stay afloat, more than anything. Please do donate. I plan to do a live stream by Friday to help do a donation drive, detail will come soon. I also been touching on this on my twitter (@thisblackwitch)

I usually don’t like to intermix my personal life with Black Witch because this is not a personal blog but this is pretty outstanding…and in a bad way. Yay, asking for donations, [/sarcasm]

I just recently got a new job at John Hopkins University back in September. It was pretty cooland I was stoked because I prefer working in academic libraries. There’s just more stuff to do in comparison to when I was at the Library of Congress. I thought I would finally get myself back on my feet and be pretty ok because at the time, I was going through a super rough patch, as I had mentioned some bits prior.

Then I lost my job without warning on Dec. 15. My supervisor found me shelving books, told me to come with him and before you knew it, I was sitting between him and the libraries’ HR with a letter waiting for me. It read that basically, as of that moment, I didn’t have a job anymore and how they felt unfortunate to tell me this.

Guess why they were letting me go…

Because, apparently, I was under the longstanding suspicion (remember, I was just there for three months) of stealing other employees lunches.

I’m not kidding, check out latter half of second paragraph:


By the by, I actually had my lunch stolen while working there (which had never happened to me before in any of the 4-5 other libraries I’ve worked at). And I combatted it with having Ramen Bbokki (my favorite instant ramen cup) – a package with Korean written all over it – shipped to me from New York…which they got from Korea. I had figured whoever took my food was probably not going to touch it if they didn’t know what it read, especially since they yinked my Lunchables but left my Citron tea and Korean rice cakes alone, both written in Korean.

I love food, that’s no lie, and academic libraries are great for me because they have a far greater amount of free food events. Emphasis on the “free”. My stomach is too picky for me to steal food from other people anyways, I can’t even have too much okonomiyaki or pizza before my stomach goes, “Uhhh, I was feeling this…but now I’m not. Commence cramping!” and those are my favorite foods! I am a label reader, folks. Simply some things I can’t eat, even if I ate them before.

And if I was stealing foods…why didn’t anyone tell me I was under suspicion? I didn’t even know I was even being pegged for thievery until my therapist read my dismissal letter and said “You know they’re accusing you of stealing, right?” Even during the dismissal meeting, it didn’t come up. And suspicion isn’t the same as proof or indictment. Anyone can have a suspicion about anybody over anything. You can have the suspicion the president is a lizard person but, idealistically, it’s totally moot until you can satisfy what is known as the “burden of proof”. Burden of Proof simply means you’re free to suspect something but you need an example or some verifiable proof such as pictures, videos, detailed accounts, witnesses, documents, etc etc, to give that suspicion some standing. If you saw the president eyes blink sideways, have scales (beyond reason of “eh, he’s got a rash/ezcema/dry skin”) or blurt out a reptilian language when he slams his foot, and recorded it somehow or dragged another person to see, that can satisfy the minimum of burden of proof.

Also, suspicion can go both ways. For example, Hopkins has a pretty far reaching history of racial issues in Baltimore City. Hopkins is the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant/Montgomery Burns of Baltimore. They provide some good things but they also are good at maintaining harmful social structures. There’s a reason why many Black Baltimoreans (basically “Baltimoreans”, period) will say “If I ever get sick, don’t take me to Hopkins or Bon Secours.” Bon Secours because they’re nicknamed “Bon Se-Killers” due to crap care and Hopkins because no one wants to be a lab rat . For native Baltimoreans, JHU is a rich and big juggernaut that has very Ivy League perspectives on race, culture and other social structures. That can easily rouse suspicion of institutional and structural racism.

Speaking of which, I got tossed out for the “suspicion of stealing lunches” without even knowing (the other reason, I’ll touch on below) buuuuuut a co-worker can don an afro wig and do a near-minstrel act of pretending to be a lost street walker in the middle of the department during the afternoon but it’s waved off as just a thing that person does. Totes harmless, bro. Other workers thought it was a hoot – even took pictures! – and it doesn’t help that I was the only mobile Black person on the team at that point (there’s another who is stationary, mans the computers and keeps things running). If a Black student had sauntered in, it would have been on Instagram by now.

And it’s a little interesting that this isn’t even the first time I’ve been accused of stealing in my life. I’ve been followed in stores, I’ve even nearly had a cop pull a gun on me at university because he thought I was “robbing a warehouse” when I was just sitting on its very well-lit dock…because I was waiting for the bus and the bus stop at my school had no place to sit or shelter from the elements. I was dressed in casual cyber goth and with a chunky, huge bookbag but still had to show the officer my state and school id. And still, the dude felt that due to his suspicion, he had to pull up on me, blinding me with lights and stand behind his open car door with his arm akimbo on his gun while aggressively questioning a really confused and blinded English major. Did this officer think I was going to slam through a reinforced steel door with Saul Williams and Ben Jonson works? The funny part is that I’ve been in the warehouse before when it was open, it’s for the transit buses and has a soda machine that took my money many times. There’s your thief, the Pepsi machine in there that doesn’t understand the basics of legal tender and its role in the economic exchange of goods. But I’m the one harassed. What is with this anti-Blackness thinking that Black people are natural thieves? Even with zero proof? This accusation towards me is super trumped up and petty, not to mention fictitious.

Speaking of “parts”, let’s move on to the other reason I got such an unceremonious boot: I apparently said I clearly couldn’t drive a van (it’s a pretty major thing so books can get shipped back and forth from and to off-site containment) because I mentioned I had a condition when I first started. Now, why did I mention I had a disorder at the start when I should have kept my trap shut? Would you believe it’s because the department already had two very visibly neurodivergent people on the team and I stupidly thought “Oh, hey, this is a safe space. I don’t have to hide my disorder, which means I don’t have to worry about my work being impeded because I’m too busy guessing Schrodeinger’s Bigot. How great, I can be responsible about my condition since I receive regular treatment on it.”

Newp. I should have kept in mind that I’m Black and with mental illness, that’s two strikes against me. Basically, it doesn’t matter that I worked at the Library of Congress, it doesn’t matter that I have a degree or that I have an extensive background in books, conservation, literature, library science and book upkeep. Apparently, to do well at the job, I really should have just lied about my condition, went back to perms and started buying skin lightener. Because somehow that matters in my skills more than what’s on my resume.

Despite the fact that I very recently bought a car (to further stabilize my condition) and moved as well (again, to further stabilize my condition) while being super broke (did I mention you can donate? Because you can donate). This really blew a hole in me, not just financially (I had no prep so I had little money stored away…because no one even hinted I was losing my job), but emotionally because of how I basically got sideswiped with no warning or notification. I checked in with my supervisor, I tried to adjust to the environment, so on and so forth. I actually thought I was doing well, I was nearly out of my probationary period. Early Jan is when I would have been a regular Hopkins employee, off of probation instead of a noob.

I’m sure, at this point, you’re probably thinking, “Time to lawyer up!” Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaah, not that easy. Now, the whole firing is being investigated by the Office of Institutional Equity. I’ve no real clue when it will be over. I would really like for it to be over so I can get back to my job and return to earning wages like a normal person. As for lawyers, the convo tends to go like this:

Me: Hi, would like your help in a discrimination case. I was wrongfully fired based on fictitious and trumped up accusations based on racial and disability discrimination.
Lawyer/Law grunt: Sure! We cover labor laws and discrimination. What was your position and where did you work?
Me: I was a Library Assistant and I worked at Hopkins University
Lawyer/Law grunt:
Lawyer/Law grunt: … uh, can we check if we can take your case?
Me: Sure!
:: A minute or two later or a call back ::
Lawyer/Law grunt: Uhhhhhhh, we can’t take your case. We’re sorry.

Remember, Hopkins is seen as quite a juggernaut here in Baltimore, most lawyers are pretty mortified to take on such an institution and understandably so. They’re daunting.

If anyone is flailing at the screen, saying “Go to the ACLU! NAACP! They exist! EEOC!!!!!” I juuuuust tried that. I didn’t run to them first because firstly, I had never gone through anything like this before. I was absolutely stunned and devastated. Secondly, they can be more greater-than-life than needed. Visited ACLU, they practically went “take a number”, called NAACP (who I have fleeting faith in, thanks to their interactions with Rachael Dolezal and Don Sterling) and they told me “Tell EEOC first”. Called EEOC, I got a computer voice that told me that I would be on hold for 54 minutes. I get that these organizations are not millions massive and they have a lot of work to do but I feel like it’s doing nothing. I can fill out their sheets and leave messages but what good would that be?

So, right now. Being so suddenly cut off, it really stings that what took my prestigious university library job from me isn’t me, it’s basic bigotry. I can’t help the fact that I’m Black, it’s not even a big deal. I can’t help the fact I have mental illnesses, I didn’t ask to have trauma disorders. Being Black shouldn’t have any bearing on my employment status. Having a diagnosed illness shouldn’t have any bearing on my employment status, especially since I was going above and beyond to try to stabilize the illness and try to explain things in a simplistic “I’m not a psycho” way so they could best understand.

I have no idea how long this investigation will be. It could be 2-3 months, it could be sooner, I don’t know. Please feel free to donate so I can keep everything up and going. They left me pretty much crapped out with rent, car payments, etc etc. There’s no limit to what money will be raised but I will set it to $3000 so there’s a goal. As per usual, feel free to donate. Since this is all such an emergency time, that means I’ll be posting about this pretty often. I won’t give any play-by-play updates but I will mention in the future if I do or don’t get the job back.

In addition, what frustrates/angers me further is that Hopkins just recently put out a program called Hopkins Local where the basic kit and kaboodle of it is that Hopkins is trying to “help” the neighborhoods affected by the riots by saying they’ll hire people from those neighborhoods, determined by zip code. Basically, Sandtown-Winchester would obviously fall into this because that’s where the riots originated and is one of the hardest hit neighborhoods.

I’m originally from Sandtown.

It doesn’t take a genius psychologist to find that I’m pretty sensitive about my original neighborhood being basically used for yuppie points/White Saviorism. The difference between me and the average person coming from Sandtown is that I already know I have a condition as a result of the traumatic environment I was raised in. I know I have chronic disorders, this is why I can talk about my illnesses at length. Most people in Sandtown are pretty ripped up mentally and have no clue that they have PTSD, DID, BPD, etc etc because of the absolute lack of sufficient mental health resources in those areas.

Let me tell you, when you have no clue you have a condition or a disorder, you’re more chaotic. You’re more chaotic and, frankly, you don’t know why. You simply have a short fuse, you lose time, that you’re hyper aggressive over the littlest thing, can’t trust anyone, etc etc and you have no idea why. At least I had the audacity and knowledge to be upfront and say “Hey, here’s what I have” because I got duped into being honest and believing that my workplace was a safe place because I saw other neurodivergent people. What is Hopkins going to do with the other folks who don’t know they have a trauma disorder but are asking for a job to have a change and a better life? Make more phony crap up to fire them as well before probation is over? If this is how Hopkins truly feels, why try to have things like Hopkins Local, so it can look like a PR ruse?

All I wanted to do was work in a library, now I got the book thrown at me for no reason.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I changed the dismissal letter with a better pic, one that includes Hopkins’ letterhead if case of disbelievers

Yep, that’s right, I’m on a three week vacation, commence the hen dance of glory!



What does this mean for y’all? Well this is going to be an actual vacation-vacation so that means no tablet, no internet, no nothing. Gooooootta unplug. I have never taken a full vacation that also included a vacation from Black Witch, ha! So, it’s an actual “not gonna do anything” vacation. That means:

– No new posts for the month of July

– No responses to emails or messages until Aug 1 or the very, very end of July

I may just recycle old posts from Early BW days…or just leave this post here so everyone knows what’s going on. Ehhhhh, I’m probably going to do that.

Until then…here’s some Static Shock fan made short films! Huzzah.

“Static Shock: Blackout” by Stefani Dezil

“Static Shock: Phenomenon” by yvzproductions

“Electrogenesis” by HsingHProductions (Static Shock when he’s older and not exactly Static)



I’ve been ridiculously busy so no actual article for this prev week but I do have news. The book The Sisters are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative on Black Women is coming out. It is an academic book written by Tami Winfrey Harris about the intersections of experiences of Black women, stereotypes and society. I had a chance to participate with this book as one of the interviewed guests. Now that the book is nearly out (you can purchase it on Amazon here, and it will be released July 7th but it is in stores now), it’s promotion time!

On July 7th, Tuesday, at 9PM EST there will be a one hour discussion under the hashtag #TheSistersAreAlright on Twitter. I’ll be participating under my usual @thisblackwitch handle, make sure you check it out!

Here is the donation link

On June 18th, my mother was evicted from her home, where she had lived for nearly 20 years. She’s a special education teacher that has extensive experience in the field, especially helping inner city Baltimore students.

Through a myriad of unfortunate situations, she wound up not being able to pay rent on time and have massive fees piled on top.  Dealing with all of this, she wound up being put out. Enable to get her back into her home before the junk truck comes and clean it out, we have to raise $1010 dollars and quickly. Thank you for your help.

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Black Witch is 5 years old now. This is interesting because I’m always surprised BW could make it another year. With crappier posting times but still, huzzah.


There’s not really much to say, but it is nifty that BW has been lasting a while. I think it’s not as streamlined as it used to be in the past but meh, even a blog can’t be static. However, I always think of improvements for the site. I have switched tablets, need to add stuff to the BW store (and need to do better upkeep of the BW store, I have been thinking of moving it off of etsy and streamlining more to be on this site. >.>)

In the coming year, I would like to get better questions for ABW. Less body-switching questions and spell requests because they are irritating. More about actual practices in metaphysics or something worthwhile. I know I’m not the only source of magick info or anything but I have got to get better questions.

Also, as a reminder, because Facebook is a digi-douche, if you are part of the Black Witch Fan Page, you can get better updates if you just select “Get Notification” on the FB fan page, this will fix it. Here is a picture for reference:



Here’s a cat picture


So, the month focusing on a special subject went down in flames. No writer submissions, I missed my publish dates as well, nothing really went well. That’s not cool. I’ll probably do it again next year, with better preparations.

Instead, I’m just going to direct your attention to a recent interview I just did from ACTION Mag. It was actually a good experience, I recommend reading it.

I’ll also post this call for diverse writers for an upcoming Pagan publication. I was one of the (incredibly) few asked and I said that I wasn’t going to write unless there were at least 6 minority Pagan writers, at least three of them Black. The anthology curator didn’t even bother to ask four in total. Meaning the anthology is geared to becoming nearly all White with some measly token thrown in as if it is just as good as actual diversity. Here are the submission guidelines.  You can also email tara.miller21[at]

Since normal content resumes in April, which is soon, just watch this short film, titled “Cupidon”. It’s about a day in the life of Cupid as he does his job, but makes a mistake with his arrows that turned one person in a potential couple into a total megalomaniac as he tried to make a match.

I was contacted by Huffington Post (on super short notice, wow) to partake in a talk today about Paganism, Sex and Sexuality. While the talk is all day, my segment will be at 2:50 PM EST and for those who worry of missing it, it will be recorded and I’ll have a link for that as soon as possible (probably tomorrow).

Watch it here.

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